Week 2

We now have the slides from today’s lecture on campusnet.

At the end of the slideshow [week2], you will find more info about the assignments, but shortly:

  1.  Do a ‘quick and dirty’ testing of the coffee machine in 404/414, send your report to dtu42072@gmail.com
  2.  Make a list of  ‘public service interfaces’ and send it to the same address. These lists will be used to decide what you will work on in project 1.

For the videos from today’s lecture, you can head to this bundle: http://bitly.com/ocXf0P


Within the next three weeks [Sept. 6 – Sept. 27]:

  • You can quickly skim Chapter 1
  • Go through Chapter 2
  • Briefly look at Chapter 3 [no need to read in detail about  personas]
  • Chapter 4 – it is a good read on usability.
If you are interested; chapter 20 [UbiComp] and chapter 21[mobile computing] give a good outlook on the ‘ Paradigms in DxI’.
For the socially-oriented; chapter 23 [Affective computing] is an interesting read.
and one final thing; if you would like to leave anonymous feedback regarding the course, let it be about today’s lecture, or the assignments, or anything related to the course, you can go ahead and fill in the form in here: http://bit.ly/qBAHKI


ps. 10 people ‘liked’ the ‘week 1’. let’s see if we have better customer satisfaction this week…


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