Regarding Rejsekort and Project I

Attention crew, your captain speaking:

First things first:

From today on; I kindly ask you not to directly contact with anyone the Rejsekort organisation. [yes, it is an order]. If you really have to contact them regarding e.g. some technical questions; it will be through me – you contact me first, and I will contact them for you.


Now, the reasons:

I already talked about this with few of you yesterday; you wanted to contact the Rejsekort organisation and get some data/insight regarding the project from their point of view.

Eventhough it sounds like a good idea from a general point of view on the Rejsekort; it is a really bad idea for your project. Your tests and evaluations must be clear, factual and objective,  and getting insider info (e.g. the actual project management, IT backbone of the system, financial background of the project) will prime you – which in turn will affect the tests you will be running. (e.g., see this link for a study of the effect of priming on usability: )


Let me be perfectly clear on this once more:

1. You must be unbiased  while doing this project

2. You must define representative tasks

3. You must find representative users (e.g. not only your friends,not only pensionists)

4. Give clear instructions during testing

5. Make sure you are not making users uncomfortable (people tend to blame themselves if they make an error)

6. Do not inquire about the emotional state / reflection of the user to the system while they are doing the representative tasks. Of course, if they comment on a certain feature themselves during the task – “ah, this is annoying” – record it down, but do not  comment back. (again, the priming effect)

7. But, you should observe the user during the task, and perhaps ask about his/her experience AFTER s/he completes the task. (a good read on the differences between usability and user experience: -I’d say we are interested in both in this project, but perhaps more on usability than ux…)


And here is the deal:

I will get someone from Rejsekort to come on the 11th of October – after you are done with the reports- to give you an overview of the project and to tell you their story. And the deal is that they will come and give this talk if you do not to directly contact with the Rejsekort organisation – they dont want to be spammed. If you need something specific – contact me and I will forward your request if necessary.


I hope you are all are all genuinely interested in the topic, you will have fun, and in the meanwhile, you will learn a few things.



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