week 6 – preamble

Hi All,

After a week without lecture; we are meeting again tomorrow at 9:00, and we will have a guest lecturer. Steen Dawids has been a medical doctor at Bispebjerg Hospital, and external lecturer at DTU; and he is the most suitable person to give tomorrow’s lecture on ‘Health Engineering’. His lecture will have a focus on ‘Design for Elderly’, and  the end of his lecture; you will have a very clear idea of why it is important.

The lecture will take about an hour; and the rest of the time will be devoted for the project work on Rejsekortet. I will visit every group (for max. 10 minutes) and get a status update. I will also try to address your questions, if you have any.

Following up with the ‘stove-controls’ exercise; I will soon scan the papers you filled in, and put them up on the web. Stove controls are perfect examples for control-display mappings; and interestingly, there has been a lot of research conducted on them. Here are a few examples :

In summary, these papers say that the way experiment is conducted matters (e.g. using symbols instead of letters/numbers give different results), and the culture has significance on results (e.g. Americans and Chinese prefer different layouts). Feel free to check these papers – especially the last one gives a very good overview of the previous research, and how designers can benefit from the research.



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