week 6

Slides for week 6 is now on campusnet.


Yesterday’s lecture featured a video by Hans Rosling, a medical doctor and a professor in public health. He appeared on TED a few years ago, and gave a very interesting talk; which can be watched here. Furthermore; he has an interactive websiteGapminder, where you can play with many different stats.


Next week: Remember that the course will start at 8:30, and Gregers Mogensen from Rejsekort A/S will be there to give an overview of the project.


Deadline for the delivery of project I is also tuesday morning by 8:30:00 GMT+1 (strict). Please deliver as a PDF file to dtu42072@gmail.com with the subjectline: “Project 1 – Group X”.


I saw your progress yesterday, all of the groups are in good shape and some were impressive work…




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