week 7 – preamble

ladies and gentleman,

Tomorrow is the day; and remember:

1. We are meeting at 8:30 in the classroom, please be on time

2. Reports are also due by 8:30 – if your deliverable is not in my mailbox – dtu42072@gmail.com with the subject line “Project 1 – Group X” by 8:30; I will be very, very sad.

We are aslo fortunate to have Gregers Morgensen, from Rejsekort A/S; he will give a brief presentation about the system, and then we will have an open discussion. One thing I would like to remind you is that, he has no chance to see your reports beforehand, and he might not have the chance to address some very specific questions. Remember that he is doing this as a favor, and we are not interrogating him -take tomorrow’s discussion as an informative form of communication.

Also remember that he –and the rest of the people in the world whom has internet access– will be able to reach your reports as they will be up on our website.

I am looking forward to read your max-300-page reports.



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