Usability Evaluation of the Rejsekort – Travelcard system

As promissed, here are 9 reports from 42072-Design for Interaction students on the usability evaluation of Rejsekort System; which is being rolled out in Denmark right now.

Rejsekort is particularly interesting from point of interaction design, because it is a drastic shift of the ticketing system; and it is first-of-a-kind in the sense that all other ticketing methods will eventually abolish and you will be able to travel from any given point A to point B in Denmark using a single card.

Of course paradigm shifts does not happen overnight or they don’t happen swiftly; new technologies, methods and devices all come with their own problems. In the course ‘Design for Interaction’ we looked at the system from usability point of view; and tried to identify what types of issues might occur during normal usage of the system.

Two complementary types of evaluations were conducted; user testing (with min. 5 users) of the representative tasks, and heuristic evaluations by the students (educated/expert users).

56 students conducted the evaluations in 9 groups; and below you can find the reports.

      preferred way of viewing this report is through Issuu

Group 6 has a companion website – and a home-made Rejsekort Simulator!


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