week 9 – preamble

Hi All,

Before telling about tomorrow’s lecture; I have a reminder for you:

1. Forward the email that was sent to you when you ordered the Rejsekort (it has the Subject:Bekræftelse på bestilling af rejsekort and the sender is noreply@rejsekort.dk ) to Rune [ rune.fogh@gmail.com ]

2. Bring the actual Rejsekorts and hand them in to Rune

Until now we have collected 5 of them; so 5 is still missing.

Now; plan for tomorrow:

We have a guest speaker; Jesper Windum from Novo Nordisk. He is the co-author of the book Man-Machine Interface; he has been working in this field for quite a while, and his talk will be about his experience on designing MMIs.

Based on the duration of his lecture and the following Q/A; we might have a short exercise, which will be followed with project work. [ phase 1 of the final project ].

I have  posted a message on campusnet/website that is composed of some of the questions I received regarding the final project until now; make sure to check it out to avoid future confusions.

One thing I feel most of the groups have been lacking so far is ‘research’. (This also holds for the Rejsekort project). Your brainstorming sessions should be supported by proper research; how much of your ideas already exist, what kind of similar products/systems are out there, what elements of some non-similar product/systems might be used in your project, are there any sicientific work on this [e.g. google scholar], what about other universities/ public research projects …

These types of questions can significantly help you to precisely define the design problem, and then attack it with proper weapons…


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