week 11 – preamble

Dear Students,


It is late in the evening and many of you are still working on your reports that are due by tomorrow morning. Keep up the good work.


Tomorrow, we will have a lecture on some practical aspects of interaction design; controls, displays and control-display relationships.


Last week, we looked at the PACT framework, and had an exercise on paper prototyping. Chapter 13, and especially section 13.7 in the textbook gives a good overview; also check out this source to see how it is used for participatory design, and how it was used to redesign the youtube interface back in the day.


And I have been doing more research for you. This book [Designing Gestural Interfaces] can be a very good resource for most of the groups.  Check out the chapter 2 – ‘designing for the human body’ for a great overview of physical and ergonomical considerations that should be taken into account when designing for touching (not only touchscreens, anything). All of the chapters are infact relevant to many aspects of your projects, and even if not – this book is a good read for any designer.


And finally, as a supplementary reading [for your own reference], take a look at this recent article on the future of interaction design – funny that he also used the hammer as a metaphor…


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